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The Next Doctor Who Should Be Female

So, like millions of other bloggers around the world today I bring you news of Matt Smith’s announcement that he is to leave Doctor Who at the end of this year. I will be sad to see Matt go; I … Continue reading

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Doctor Who Finale Leaked!

Oh Dear God, the spoilers! Don’t worry – they’re not in this post! Read on without fear…(you’ll be given a free bag of fear to take out with you when you leave) If you’re as sensitive to information flow as … Continue reading

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Revamp of the Cybermen

Tonight’s ‘Nightmare in Silver’ (UK BBC One, 19:00, GMT) is an important episode for Doctor Who. ‘Nu-Who’ (the 2005 series’ unofficial moniker) has been very unkind to the Cybermen, the classic monsters that were, once upon a time, second only … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: Silence Has Fallen

  Venting frustration today! We’re days away from the latter half of the new season starting (hurry UP!) and mere months away from November’s pivotal anniversary and we still know nothing about what’s been planned beyond the vaguest hints that … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: The End of Tennant (Hooray!)

Working title for this episode: ‘The Doctor Looks Sad and Whines a Lot’ Great actor, terrible Master. Previously a power-mad, elegant genius (through two incarnations and a fabulous Nu-Who portrayal by Derek Jacobi), now an incredibly, massively, ridiculously over-the-top thug. … Continue reading

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Blue Boringers

Taken from the Fifth series of New Who, Matt Smith in “Time of Angels” (Season 5, episode 4). This is one of my favourite moments of Doctor Who’s entire 50 year run! Normally we watch the Doctor piloting the TARDIS … Continue reading

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