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Play Lego Marvel Super Heroes Now!

In the 80’s, if you’d told my mother that I’d still be playing with Lego at 38 years of age, she’d have laughed, destroyed you for mocking her child, then laughed again as she walked away from your smouldering ashes. … Continue reading

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Revamp of the Cybermen

Tonight’s ‘Nightmare in Silver’ (UK BBC One, 19:00, GMT) is an important episode for Doctor Who. ‘Nu-Who’ (the 2005 series’ unofficial moniker) has been very unkind to the Cybermen, the classic monsters that were, once upon a time, second only … Continue reading

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For the Love of Geek

An important part of the Geek experience is people who embody our sense of community, people who in some way have come together because of our passion, who may even share that particular passion themselves. The short-lived nature of TV and … Continue reading

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Kickstarter – Part Two: Limit Theory and Sir, You Are Being Hunted

In yesterday’s post I talked about the phenomenon that is Kickstarter, a brand new way of bringing stuff into the world. A much more creative, transparent and democratic way, giving buyers more power over their purchases than ever before, and … Continue reading

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Hating women is NOT COOL!

I’ve been absorbed in some Real Life issues for a while, in between trying to birth a long-form piece about Board-Gaming that is defying me at every turn, but I was so sickened by the following articles I just had … Continue reading

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Defending Windows 8

Disclaimer: I am in no way connected to, employed by or an Apologist for Microsoft or any affiliate or subsidiary there-of. I have received no monetary or gift reward of any kind for this article.  I seem to have spent … Continue reading

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The Future of Star Wars?

Today I’m going to dare to be ‘bang on trend’ for a change and talk about something that has happened in the last 24 hours. Namely, the fact that well known ‘geek’ director, J.J Abrahms has been announced as the … Continue reading

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