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Play Lego Marvel Super Heroes Now!

In the 80’s, if you’d told my mother that I’d still be playing with Lego at 38 years of age, she’d have laughed, destroyed you for mocking her child, then laughed again as she walked away from your smouldering ashes. … Continue reading

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The BG Weekly Digest

Saturdays! For us Mon-Fri, 9-to-5ers it’s the the day where we collapse into a shambolic heap, our minds aching from a week of hard, back-supported brain labour. Lots happened this week, defying any attempt to speak my creaky brains on … Continue reading

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No Joke! Superman Kills Joker!

Shocking, huh? To be fair to Supes’, Joker had just murdered Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane AND her unborn child (which was Superman’s). But…wow. That’s a hell of an image. The series of events culminating in the ruination of the DC … Continue reading

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Kickstarter – Part Two: Limit Theory and Sir, You Are Being Hunted

In yesterday’s post I talked about the phenomenon that is Kickstarter, a brand new way of bringing stuff into the world. A much more creative, transparent and democratic way, giving buyers more power over their purchases than ever before, and … Continue reading

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GlaDos may have charmed her way into Gamer hearts with her sardonic wit, singing prowess and teases about cake but for me she was only ever a pretender to the crazy A.I throne. In 1994 the game System Shock, made … Continue reading

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People Who Make Guns Like Videogames

How Video-games Fund Arms Manufacturers – Simon Parkin ( 31st January 2013 I don’t disturb easily but as a committed pacifist who believes that guns have NO place whatsoever in civilised society I found this article deeply so. To summarise … Continue reading

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So you contribute a few monies to a Kickstarter project aimed at making a film about Minecraft, one of the most phenomenal games/creative sandboxes to hit the PC ever, and all they send you is a lousy 2-disc DVD set, … Continue reading

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