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RIP Casey Kasem

Voice actors are an amazing breed of people. Being a mimic of small repute they’re probably my favourite breed of actor. I found it impossible to grow up in the 1980’s without developing a fine ear for vocal performances after listening … Continue reading

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The BG Weekly Digest

Saturdays! For us Mon-Fri, 9-to-5ers it’s the the day where we collapse into a shambolic heap, our minds aching from a week of hard, back-supported brain labour. Lots happened this week, defying any attempt to speak my creaky brains on … Continue reading

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Tom Cruise sent to Oblivion

I wish. I really really wish. God, I hate Tom Cruise. I hated him back when he was a cocky, arrogant S.O.B in Top Gun, Cock[tail] and other films of that era. I hated him even more when he became … Continue reading

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Hating women is NOT COOL!

I’ve been absorbed in some Real Life issues for a while, in between trying to birth a long-form piece about Board-Gaming that is defying me at every turn, but I was so sickened by the following articles I just had … Continue reading

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My problems with J J Abrahms ‘Star Trek’ reboot

Forgive me, it takes me quite some time to properly formulate some thoughts so this little diatribe is rather late. Jar Jar Abrahms is soon to bring us his second dip into the world of Star Trek in a few … Continue reading

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Justice for a League of Fans?

Hot on the heels of the big news for Star Wars is Warner Brother’s announcement of a Justice League movie for 2015! For those that don’t know (and how many of you can there be reading this very geeky blog?) … Continue reading

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The Future of Star Wars?

Today I’m going to dare to be ‘bang on trend’ for a change and talk about something that has happened in the last 24 hours. Namely, the fact that well known ‘geek’ director, J.J Abrahms has been announced as the … Continue reading

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