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Play Lego Marvel Super Heroes Now!

In the 80’s, if you’d told my mother that I’d still be playing with Lego at 38 years of age, she’d have laughed, destroyed you for mocking her child, then laughed again as she walked away from your smouldering ashes. … Continue reading

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No Joke! Superman Kills Joker!

Shocking, huh? To be fair to Supes’, Joker had just murdered Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane AND her unborn child (which was Superman’s). But…wow. That’s a hell of an image. The series of events culminating in the ruination of the DC … Continue reading

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes!

Possibly the only LEGO franchise I want on my PC more than the newly-announced LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is LEGO Doctor Who. But OH MY ACTUAL GOD am I excited about playing with digital LEGO versions of my beloved Marvel … Continue reading

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