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Harrison Ford Crash Lands After Solo Flight

(In reference to THIS…) [Update] Apparently he got out okay….

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Goodbye, Mr Spock

“Of all the souls I have encountered on my travels, his was the most…human.” Captain James T Kirk, Stardate 8210.3 (2285)

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Girl Gamers! Present your Gaming Certificate Now!

I LOVE this! Sexism in any sphere is NOT OKAY, guys. The “Don’t Be A Dick” rule applies in life as well as gaming. (image shamelessly stolen from Click the image to see the artist’s other amazing work)

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RIP Casey Kasem

Voice actors are an amazing breed of people. Being a mimic of small repute they’re probably my favourite breed of actor. I found it impossible to grow up in the 1980’s without developing a fine ear for vocal performances after listening … Continue reading

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Play Lego Marvel Super Heroes Now!

In the 80’s, if you’d told my mother that I’d still be playing with Lego at 38 years of age, she’d have laughed, destroyed you for mocking her child, then laughed again as she walked away from your smouldering ashes. … Continue reading

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Console vs PC – FOV Explained

PC Gamers suffer in this world of Console-led game development. Although most console games are constructed using PCs, in general they are optimised for those devices, mostly ignoring the capabilities and requirements of the more generally capable PCs. So when … Continue reading

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