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Timeless content, eh? I like the sound of that. It flatters me to think my writing has a timeless quality!

Welcome to Because Geek.

Now that all things Geek are in the mainstream enough to be considered mainstream (even though subjects like football, girls, music etc, are still more mainstream than Geek stuff will ever be) there’s no reason to keep defending our passion from a world that hates and fears it. Geek just is. It is the answer to every question a non-geek has ever asked of a geek. Why do you sit indoors when the sun is shining? Why do you watch all that childish rubbish? Why do you go to conventions and wear Spock Ears?

Why…X? Because Geek. *smug smile*

Now that we Geeks no longer have to worry, now that our culture is pretty much everywhere you look, especially on the Internet people like us built and continue to flock to, it is simply time to celebrate who we are and what we enjoy. So that’s what this blog is all about, more or less.

What this blog will NOT become is a one-stop shop for the entire gamut of Geek-ism known to humanity. It’s my blog therefore it will reflect my own particular passions in the field (although I would like to have contributing guest writers- they might cover stuff that I wont). Having said that, my SF tastes are pretty expansive so hang around long enough and you’ll probably see something that reflects your more obscure likes and dislikes, even it it’s only presented so I can give it a merciless kicking.

To make that clearer, here’s a list of the things I do like and will likely cover at some point;

  • TV: The usual suspects (Star Trek, Doctor Who, Babylon 5, Stargate, etc). There’s very little SF I won’t watch but I also like a decent cross-section of cartoons. That includes some Anime but I’ve gone off that lately so don’t expect to see much, if any of it, here.
  • Films: again, I show an interest in most SF, with the vehement exception of Twilight and those god-awful Michael Bay “Transformers” films.
  • Board Games: my new passion as of 2012!
  • Videogames: will be mostly PC but I’m reasonably platform agnostic.
  • Books: Reading seems to have taken a back seat to most of what I do/enjoy now but I include it for the sake of completeness.
  • Comics: The most misunderstood and disparaged art-form ever invented. Not all superheroes but sometimes the superheroics are fun! Expect to see something about Transformers at some point (I’m a tiny touch obsessed with them).
  • Geek stuff and Trivia: A catch-all category for anything else that screams Geek – clothing, jewellery, gadgets, toilet seats, etc.

Because Geek is also NOT going to become the go-to site for the latest news and geek culture reviews. In a very busy marketplace I’d need a hell of a lot more time and inclination for that than I currently have, not to mention contacts, sources, a team of simians with typewriters, etc. Expect to see small reviews of things long after the fact but in general this is just me talking about what interests me, when it interests me most. I will try and give people a heads-up on things hurtling towards us from Future-Time (see my very first post for an example) but again this will be mostly the stuff *I* like when/if I see it.

Lastly, I do love comments so I’ll leave the blog completely open for now. But as this is the Internet please do keep them respectful, civil, and as polite as you can or I’ll disintegrate ’em without a backwards glance.

Enjoy Because Geek! (Because I said so! Grraargh!)


3 Responses to About

  1. Lyndsay Moir says:

    I have nominated you for a Liebster award! http://pixiemoir.wordpress.com/2013/03/01/liebsterlove/

    • Grant says:

      Well aren’t you just the sweetest! Your own blog is lovely, by the way. I’m highly jealous of its design! When I get around to putting up some links your blog is already ear-marked for a slot!

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