LEGO Marvel Super Heroes!

Possibly the only LEGO franchise I want on my PC more than the newly-announced LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is LEGO Doctor Who. But OH MY ACTUAL GOD am I excited about playing with digital LEGO versions of my beloved Marvel characters!

And yes, this image below is an actual thing you can buy to hold in your digital hands (‘digital’ as in possessing digits); LEGO Deadpool!

LEGO deadpool Wolverine Magneto

Sadly that’s the only X-related set they make at present but I was pleased to see LEGO Venom in one of the Spidey sets!

Yes, True Believers (Hey, don’t go stealing my copyrighted lines, you scoundrel! – Stan “The Man” Lee) game developers Traveller’s Tales are gearing up to bring us the latest installment of their crazy fun, crazy successful LEGO Pop-Culture Phenomenon franchise (after Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman, Batman/DC Heroes, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings….) to a digital entertainment box near you, this time starring Marvel’s cast of costumed crime-fighters!

I’ve been a fan of Marvel comics ever since my Mum first brought home an issue of X-Men issue 4 (clearly a reprinted edition as I’m referring back to the early 1980’s). I have a working knowledge of DC – their cartoon animation is phenomenal – but at heart I’ve always been Marvel. My list of favourite characters reads like one of Marvel’s own Indexes but I have a particular love of Cyclops, Iceman, Angel/Archangel, Spider-Man, Venom…

VenomI do love Venom. This was my Halloween costume for 2012. Bit of a rush job but I think my Symbiote suit turned out okay!

…Ahem…Luke Cage, The Guardians of the Galaxy…the list goes on and on. Hopefully TT’s game will have ALL these characters and more for me to collect and wreak LEGO-block havoc with in-game. Will be counting the days!

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