You know you’re a Geek when…

…you see Geek references everywhere!

Example: Just now my lovely, sparkling and strikingly intelligent Geek girlfriend told me to look at the trailer for the new Star Wars game (appearing on…er, some consoles and possibly a computer or two) named, simply, Star Wars 1313. (Warning: Age Verification required. Fear the age verificaTOR!).

My browser of choice, Opera, has ben set up to search Youtube in the address bar if I type in the shortcut ‘yt’ before my search term. YT. YouTube. Geddit? So into the field I typed ‘yt 1313’…

…a sequence of letters and numbers which any proper fan of Star Wars alive prior to The Phantom Menace (*crosses self*) should find vaguely familiar…

I must admit. I got excited. I ran to the search box to check because I wanted to make sure my memories weren’t playing tricks on me, and Lo! The Corellian YT-1300 freighter appeared on-screen! Or, to use its more familiar appellation, this:


The Millenium Falcon!

Okay, okay, I hear you. Even for Geeks this goes down as one of the most tragic posts in blogging history, and I genuinely think I do need to get out more, but hey – Star Wars references are what kept us fans alive through the post-RotJ lean times, right? Our own personal language, verbal badges signifying membership in one of the most awesome groups that ever lived, the Knights Templar Star Wars Fandom, back when Star Wars was still special and not some vast money-making machine devoid of soul or substance. Good job Disney bought the entire franchise, eh? That’s certainly put paid to any gratuitous franchise milking!


Star Wars 1313 looks good, surprisingly. Give it an eyeball scan when you have a moment free, if for nothing else than to go googly-eyed at the very expensive looking shots of shiny surface Coruscant and the murky level 1313 itself (pictured below, and on the website).


Of course decades before Coruscant was even conceived, a certain Isaac Asimov wrote about a world wrapped in metal named Trantor, also a major administrative centre and seat of imperial governance (*looks suspiciously at Lucas*).  I’d love to see Trantor on the cinema screen one day. Hopefully Coruscant parading herself about the prequels hasn’t torpedoed that dream.

Oh, and do any other Star Wars fans think the game developers should have set 1313 on Nar Shaada, the Smugglers Moon? Backdrop for both of the great Jedi Knight games of yore and Dark Horse Comic’s excellent Dark Empire series? So what if the Yuuzhan Vong destroyed it – we could easily nip back in time a bit before that happened. Show of hands?

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